Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book Review: "LFY in Valentine, Nebraska" by Irene Brand

Book Description:
Love Finds You in Valentine, Nebraska What can a California girl do with a few dusty acres of land in rural Nebraska? So Kennedy Blaine wonders after she inherits a ranch in the small, westernstyle town of Valentine, Nebraska.

As Kennedy makes arrangements to sell the property, she finds herself drawn to the ranch and to its attractive manager, Derek Sterling. She decides to spend the summer in her ancestral home and reconnect with family members. But soon Kennedy is subjected to harassment by someone who clearly wants her to leave Valentine.

Depending on Gods protection and Dereks assistance, she sets out to discover who is behind the offenses. But when her search reveals painful details about her family and raises questions about Dereks own past, will Kennedy still want to know the truth?

My Thoughts:
I really liked this volume in the Love Finds You series. I enjoyed learning about Valentine, Nebraska as well as the Circle Cross Ranch and Riverside.

I love how Kennedy, the leading lady, is drawn to the ancestral home and does her best to restore it to its former glory.

She was longing for roots and went full force ahead in order to establish relationships with her cousins as well as trying to work on forgiving her maternal grandfather for rejecting her mother years before.

Of course, the "Cowhand" and the "Mongrel" were essential to the story. What would a romance set on a ranch be without a rugged-Matt Dillon-type-cowboy named Derek? Instead of the trusty stead we had the the trusty Cattle Dog, Wilson. He even had a Lassie moment.

Over all, I thoroughly enjoyed this read and will look forward to reading my next Love Finds You book.

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  1. Thanks for your complimentary review of my Valentine, NE book. I appeciate your kind words. I will alert you to my next release - a novella, AN APPALACHIAN CHRISTMAS, to be included in SP's first Christmas anthology. My story takes place in Mistletoe, Kentucky in 1946. The other author, Anita Higman, has written a contemporary novella, setting Noel, Missouri. We have really enjoyed writing these stories. The book will be in the stores in September. If you would like a copy of this anthology for review, please send your mailing address to and I'll try to send one to you when they are available. Thanks again, and God bless you today. Irene Brand


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