Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Happy Homemaker Tuesday ~ 3/5/2024

Come join Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday. 

Hello, and Happy Monday...er....Tuesday!

I was so sick yesterday!  Sicker than I've been in years!  I was chilled to the bone with a sore throat and nasty cough.  I was able to get into my PCP and was diagnosed with double ear infection and sinus infection plus some nasty virus to go along with them.  I'm very thankful for modern medicine, especially antibiotics and Dayquil.

The weather outside is:

I'm liking what I'm seeing for the week ahead except for the word "Flurry" on Monday.  I could do without that.  Yesterday was unbelievable beautiful out and I couldn't even enjoy it :(

On today's to-do list: 

~My day was spent recuperating.  When my PCP asked where I work and I told her the hospital, she wanted me to stay home today and I'm so glad she gave me a note because I was as weak as a kitten this morning.  I'm just starting to get my strength back.  I'm hoping with a good night's rest, I'll be good as new tomorrow morning.

Happening this week:

~Laken's Track & Field season started this week.  She has talked Nate into joining the team.  I hope they both have fun and enjoy themselves.

~Don't forget to SPRING FORWARD Saturday night!  I can't wait!

Currently reading:

Another week has gone by with absolutely no reading other than the Bible.  As I mentioned, T&F started so I'll probably be sitting in the car alot waiting for Laken to get done with practice.  Maybe I'll be able to squeeze some reading time in then.

Listening to:


Farmer Wants a Wife


County Rescue

Youtube videos from a few favorites

On the menu today:

Subway - Nate was working this evening and Laken wanted to stop in to say hello.

In the Craft Basket:

Lots of pretty yarn is in my basket but I haven't touched it hardly at all since starting my new job.

Picture from the Camera

Nothing.  I've got nothing.

Bible Verse

"I cry aloud to the LORD I lift my voice to the LORD for mercy."  Psalm 142:1

Have a great week!


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