Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy Homemaker Monday ~ 1/1/2024

Come join Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday. 

Hello, and Happy Monday!

Happy New Years Day to you as well!

The weather outside is:

Once Christmas is over, I'm ready for Spring, but apparently I'm going to have to suffer through some winter weather this week with colder temperatures than we've had lately and some snow showers.  I really don't mind a bit of snow if we can all stay home and don't have to be traveling in the bad weather.

On today's to-do list: 

~Relax for one more day before trying to get back onto a schedule.
~Start my 2024 Bible Reading Plan to read the Bible through in a year.

Happening this week:

~I'm still trying to decide whether to continue as a stay-at-home-mom or try to look for another job.  In the meantime, I've opened my ETSY shop back up to keep me busy and my hands occupied while Laken is doing schoolwork.  So far I have some dishcloths, shawls and baby blankets listed.

~Laken is starting Cyber School on Tuesday.  She got so far behind on her work due to her surgery/recovery and everything that came afterward (strep throat, the "sickness", etc).  We had a meeting with her principal and guidance counselor and we all decided that switching to online school was the best option for her.  If she gets 50% done with the curriculum by the beginning of the 4th quarter then we can decide if she is going back to in person school to finish out the school year.

Currently reading:

I haven't been reading much.  I downloaded a few Christmas themed books in early December and didn't read even a word.  I did get the following two books with an Amazon gift card I received and they have the cutest patterns and stories to go along with the characters.  I can't wait to try my hand at one.

~I've set a reading "goal" this year to read at least 15 minutes a day.  I really should pick out a book (other than the Bible) to start the year off.  Any suggestions?  


We've been watching a decent amount of TV lately.  Of course, I had to keep my annual tradition alive and watch "White Christmas" (which we did NOT have).  We also watched the newest "Indiana Jones" movie and also "23 Blast" which was really good.  I've also been watching a ton of amigurumi tutorials and vlogs about crocheting toys on Youtube.

Listening to:

On the menu today:

Pork Roast, Sauerkraut, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Banana Cake

In the Craft Basket:

My current works in progress that I'd like to get finished within the next few days are a Think Pink Prayer Shawl and a set of pastel variegated dishcloths.  I've also been dabbling in amigurumi and have made a little sea turtle, a little chicken and a little octopus.  I wanted to get some practice in the crochet techniques used in amigurumi before I start attempting any projects from the above books I received.  I can't wait!!!

Picture from the Camera

My very first attempt at crocheting a plushie/stuffed animal :)

Bible Verse

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  Genesis 1:1

Have a great Monday!



  1. Your plushie is so cute! Hope you have a wonderful first week of the year. Happy New Year!

  2. I am quiet impressed with you plushie project. I wish I had the fortitude to follow directions and actually put them into practice, but, alas… School these days seem so off putting to me. I am a retired elementary teacher and we worked so hard to keep each student up on what they should be learning and know. But this Christmas in the Boston area , speaking with my daughter, her two girls are extremely smart kids.. but Inreally. do blame the teacher here. Our oldest is in fourth grade, but she hasn’t even started multiplication this year, she brings home skimpy worksheets for homework , nothing if any value, and each day the class is falling further behind. My son in law who works a lot from home in a very hi tech job has decided to hold math workshop classes for just about his daughters whole class a couple times a week to teach them basis math skills appropriate for fourth grade. So unbelievable to me, but these teachers are these new to me federation of teachers who apparently get paid well to just show up! I think it is unconscionable!

  3. I LOVE the plushie! My son loves turtles, so they hold a special place in my heart! I'm glad you get some rest days! I think that staying home is a wonderful calling for anyone :) I know its a difficult decision! Glad to stop by and visit with you this week!

  4. Your turtle plushie is so, so cute! I love those little Amigurumi? Those little critters are adorable! I cannot knit or crochet, which makes me sad, but my fiancé, he can do both! He's currently making me a scarf! Pork roast and sauerkraut sounds incredibly delicious. Best of luck with your daughter and school. I'm sure she will do amazing! Have a blessed week and joy filled 2024! Oh, p.s. - books - The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip by Sara Brunsvold or Seeing Jesus by Jeffrey Jones McClain.

  5. Happy New Year! Health and happiness to you and yours. I've done 2 amugurumi monkeys a few years back, it was fun.

  6. Your menu does sound scrumptious. Maybe I should come over for a bite
    I visited you via God’s Growing Garden: You're the STAR - Week#3 FAMILY (January 2024)
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