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Book Review: How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back by Sophie Barnes

How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back

Title:  "How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back"
Series:  N/A
Author:  Sophie Barnes
Publisher:  Avon
Publication Date:  2/21/12
Pages:  368

Book Description:

Emily Rutherford is having a very bad day.

Of course, having the man you’ve loved forever announce his engagement to your (now very former) best friend will do that.

Emily is sure nothing good could possibly come out of this horrid situation. But she lets her sisters—along with Francis Riley, the delectable but brooding Earl of Dunhurst—convince her that a season in London will be just the thing.

Now Emily has a choice: sulk in a corner while her sisters enjoy the glitter of the ton . . . or become the belle of the ball, dazzling everyone on an earl’s arm. But as Francis helps Emily get back on her feet, she quickly realizes that a childhood crush is nothing compared to the power of true love.

My Overall Feeling of the Book:

The concept of this book really intrigued me.  The book started out quite fast paced and continued to be so throughout.  At first this turned me off a bit and I almost stopped reading but decided to continue.  I'm glad I did because I completely enjoyed the rest of the book.

I loved the characters and wish that there would have been more time to enjoy them even though everything wrapped up nicely.

A Brief Excerpt:

He didn't make an attempt to hide it this time, and as he watched the look of dismay spreading across Emily's face, his smile broadened even further.  He never would have thought that talking to Emily Rutherford could have forced such a change in him.  He was suddenly at ease..not exactly happy, but at ease enough to smile, and it felt good...really good.

Page 91

The Cover:

The title is very long and take a good bit of the cover space.  However, the simplicity of the white dress and model lounging are the perfect background.

Other Notes:

~This is a  mainstream romance.



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