Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Review: "The Desires of Her Heart" by Lyn Cote

(Check out my new/old book review format.  Lots more fun than a run-of-the mill review so I decided to go back.)

Texas Star of Destiny Book 1

The Desires of Her Heart (Texas: Star of Destiny, Bk 1)
Book Description:
 A New Orleans lady and a half-breed frontiersman become unlikely allies as they travel the wilds of texas. — In 1821, when circumstances make it impossible for her to remain in New Orleans, Dorritt and her family head west to join Stephen Austin's settlement and recoup their fortune in Texas.

Quinn is a man of the frontier who has made a name for himself as a peerless scout. But as he and Dorritt's party begin a grueling trek across untamed Texas, the success of their journey is in grave doubt. Mexico has broken with the Spanish Crown, and armies from both countries—plus marauding Comanches—roam the pine forests and prairies. And one of the party is plotting destruction.

Now, with their lives joined in a virgin land fraught with peril, can Dorritt and Quinn put all their trust in God and receive the desires of their hearts? 

My Overall Feeling of the Book:
Although it took me over a week to make it through the book, it wasn't because it wasn't very interesting.  It really was but life keep getting in the way.  I really liked the setting and time period and definitely the main characters.

My Favorite Character:
Dorritt, the leading lady.  She had such a strong faith and determination.

My Favorite Scene:
When Dorritt gives Quinn a chance to profess his love and he refuses.  Such ANGST!!!

My Favorite Sentence:
"The two Mexican foot soldiers each picked Kilbride up under a shoulder and dragged him out."  ( finally!)

It Woud Have Been Better If:
I was a little thrown off by the name Dorritt.  I wasn't sure how to say it in my head and it just doesn't flow for me.  I looked it up on and apparently it is a diminutive form of Dorothy and there is even a Charles Dickens novel titled "Little Dorrit."  I wonder how the author chose this name for the leading lady?

I Would Recommend This Book To:
Historical romance readers, Texans, those who love the history of the Alamo, older sisters with pampered younger sisters.  Anyone who enjoys a good story.
Book 2 is waiting for me my shelf.  It will be my next read!

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