Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've missed you!

It has been so long since I have posted a new blog post.  I've let going to the gym and my etsy overtake my life in almost all ways.

For those who have dealt with anxiety/depression/IT's, you know that that is not a good thing.  Moderation in all f

I wasn't blogging, reading, baking, having fun.  All the things I like to do and that help keep me on an even keel.

Can anyone relate?

I loved my laid back routine but then I started taking custom orders in my etsy shop.  Starting in August it exploded and I found that all my time was needed to keep up on orders.  Good-bye laid back routine.  :(

Then I got sick.  Cough, sinus infection, ear infection.

Did you know that people who deal with anxiety should not take any medications that contain a decongestant?  I didn't.  But I do now.  My anxiety/depression spiked with all those nasty body symptoms and racing thoughts.

Once it gets going, watch out.  (Did I mention a certain "friend" came to visit the same day?)

My dr. called it a "perfect storm" but believes that as I start feeling better from the physical illness and the pms passes I should perk up fairly quickly.  Well, I guess I need to perk up and down.  Happy medium, please!

A few minutes ago I looked back in my journal and saw it has been pretty much exactly 1 year since my last bad "episode".  It seems I had been tring to take on too much then also.  Why is it so hard to learn?

Well, if you've read this, I thank you for not leaving my blog.  I know it has brought me great joy in the past but I've let myself get "too busy."

All encouraging comments are very welcome lol!


  1. ((hugs))Hope your feeling better. Also, I didn't know about not taking a decongestant if you deal with anxiety...will keep that in mind from now on. So thanks for sharing that.

  2. I didn't know either that about not taking the decongestant if dealing with anxiety. Good info. Hope you feel better.


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