Saturday, October 26, 2019

{Shop Updates } ~ 10/26/19

Below are some new and re-newed listing in my shop:  Colletta's Kitchen Sink .

First, I'd like to show a few of the APRONS I made this week.  They are mostly Fall and Christmas.  Click on the link to see more :)

Next, I'd like to show the baby blankets/afghans I added this week.  It is a Christmas Baby Blanket but it could definitely be used as a lapghan.  This is ready to ship!

I also relisted the Pink and Gray Blanket as I sold one!  Whoohoo!  This one is now "made to order" until I get one ready to ship.

I also re-listed the THINK PINK Prayer Shawl as the one listed sold.   Prayer Shawls are one of my favorite items to make.  Again, I offer a CUSTOM listing to make this item in any color you would desire.

Finally, I added some Cloths and Scrubbies to the shop.  I decided to take the ones that I had made and put them into "lots" or "sets".  I'm really just looking to get rid of them quickly.


Thank you all so much for supporting me on my blog and in my shop!  and EVERY item in my shop has FREE SHIPPING!!!

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