Saturday, May 5, 2018

Weekly Weigh In ~ 5/5/18

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to have a really good week and make some good progress.

Yeah, well, that didn't happen.

For some reason, I wanted to eat all the bad foods and too much of it.  I couldn't keep my hands out of the snack bin!  Arghhh!!!

I was expecting a gain at my Weight Watchers Weigh In this morning and that is what I got...

This week I gained a whopping +0.8 lbs.

I know it doesn't sound like much and I'm not terribly upset about it but that is the exact amount that I lost last week.  So basically, I've maintained for 2 weeks instead of losing :(

My plan for this week is to get back on plan with tracking my food to stay within my SmartPoints and working hard to hit my FitPoint goal.

Staying motivated and getting into a new routine are key this week.

My week's stats:

Weigh-in:  +.8 lbs     Total:  -29.8 lbs. 

HW: 297.0
SW1: 285.4
SW2: 275.2
CW:  267.2

Exercise:  Saturday ~60 minutes
                  Sunday ~
                  Monday ~  60 minutes
                  Tuesday ~ 15 minutes
                  Wednesday ~ 20 minutes
                  Thursday ~
                   Friday ~

                   TOTAL:  155 minutes =   28/43 Fitpoints


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  1. Not a big deal at all! You're still doing fabulous!!!! Hope you have an amazing week!


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