Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Blogging Challenge ~ My Pets ~ 3/2/2022

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Tell Us Something About Your Pets:

Above is Delilah Sue, our oldest pet.  She is around 15 years-old and is a Black Lab/German Shepherd Mix.  We adopted her from the shelter when she was just a puppy.  She's always been a very good, obedient girl, but in her old age she is starting to get a bit obstinate.  I think it is mainly because her hearing and sight aren't what they used to be.  Lilah is gentle and loving and her favorite time of day is supper time.

This is Kona Mae.  She will be 5 on August 14th and is a Silver/Chocolate Lab.  I have to say that she is probably the most obedient dog we've ever had.  She loves to bark at the neighbor's dog and her favorite time of day (other than supper) is bedtime.  She is a total snuggler :)

And our newest additions!  We've recently (as in this week) adopted two, teeny, tiny kittens that were dropped off at a friends barn.  They wouldn't have made it in the barn on their own, so they are now house kittens!  There is one boy and one girl.  I'm fairly certain that Laken had decided to name the boy Flynn Orion.  The girl's name is still up for debate.  Some of the contenders are Meadow, Sage, Violet, Clover, Hali and Flower.  Which is your favorite or do you have a suggestion?  I'll pass it along :)

Can you tell me something about your pets?  



  1. Sweet pets! Personally for the girl kitten I like the combo of Meadow Sage since your other pets have 2 names. :)

  2. Beauties! The kittens remind me of ST when she found us (not in my post.. a story for another day). My post is here if you want to stop by: http://jhthomas.blogspot.com/2022/03/wednesday-weekly-blogging-challenge.html

  3. Aw, what sweet babies! And lord, my kitten is named Violet and heaven help me, she is a handful.

    My kitty post.

  4. Ah, the well-known soporific powers of cats and kittens! They all sound very sweet, even the older obstinate dog. I'm no help on names for kittens, I'm afraid; my last cat was Astrophe, and one of my friends named her cat Allie and... yeah, maybe don't follow our lead on that.

  5. You have adorable pets! Congratulations on the new kittens. I'll vote for Meadow and Violet.


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