Thursday, March 10, 2022

10 on the 10th ~ March 2022


1.  List your favorite thing about Spring.  Which season do you like the best?

My favorite thing about Spring is shedding my coat and shoes.  I hate having to wear a large, cumbersome coat and I love my flip flops!

2.  What puts a spring in your step?  What does your favorite pair of shoes look like?  When do you wear them?

Walking outside and breathing in the fresh air without it freezing my nostrils puts a spring in my step :)  My favorite pair of shoes are plain old $10 flip flops.  I wear them constantly from March through November!

3.  Around St. Patrick's Day we see invitations to 'kiss me, I'm Irish' on graphic tees and images everywhere.  Are you Irish?  I not, what would your graphic tee read?  'Kiss me, I'm..."

I actually do have some Irish ancestors.  In fact, Honora O'Flynn, my grandmother to the umpteenth degree, was kidnapped of the coast of Ireland and brought to America as an indentured servant.  I find that fascinating.  However, my graphic tee would read 'Kiss me, I'm American!'

4.  What flowers would make up your perfect spring bouquet.  What is your favorite floral fragrance?

My answer to both questions would be lilacs.  Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower :)

5.  Spring cleaning?  A necessary evil or overrated?  What's your favorite cleaning tip?  Cleaning product?

Spring Cleaning is both a necessary evil AND overrated!  I hate it but it needs done.  My favorite cleaning tip is to tidy up everyday so that it doesn't get overwhelming all at one time.  My favorite cleaning product is my off-brand "Swiffer" wet mop.

6.  Slinkies are coiled spring toys.  Did you ever have a Slinky?  Silly Putty?  What was your favorite toy as a child?

I think I did have a Slinky as a child.  I don't specifically remember Silly Putty.  My favorite toy as a child was probably our kickball.  Or my bike!  Does a bike count as a toy?  Kids need to get outside and PLAY!

7.  When we 'spring forward' on March 13, what do you hope to do in that extra daylight?

I'm hoping that the weather will be lovely and I can sit on my porch swing, my 'happy place'.

8.  The following colors will be trending for spring:  soft lilac, canary yellow, hot pink, salted caramel, scarlet, sky blue.  Will you be styling any of these?  Is there a color you will avoid?

I didn't know 'salted caramel' was a color!  I'm not a very 'trendy' person, so I'll probably just be wearing what is already in my wardrobe.

9.  What will you be reading this spring?  Do you have a favorite devotional or quiet time routine?

My book club will be reading 'What the Wind Knows' by Amy Harmon in March and 'Fried Green Tomatoes' by Fannie Flagg in April.  Right now my devotional is called 'Devotions from the Front Porch'.  The photography is amazing!

10.  Share an inspirational thought or spring quote.  Why does this speak to you?

I love this quote.  It reminds me that there can always be hope, even in the midst of darkness.



  1. Oh yes! I am a flip flop girl too. I break them out as soon as the snow and ice are gone and wear them right up until the first snowfall. I often keep a winter coat tucked in my car so I don't have to wear one most days (unless I'm going to be outside longer than a run from the car to the building). Of course living in New England that means I'm usually freezing and complaining but I can not stand wearing my bulky coat.

  2. Love that quote too. Hope is what we all need now. Great answers Colletta

  3. I am right there with you about shedding the winter coat - bulky coats are not only a nuisance but they sure make me look...well, bulky!!

  4. I love lilacs, too! I've always wanted one of those huge bushes right under my bedroom window! Instead, I mistakenly bought a dwarf which produces one itty bitty bloom a year! Oh, well! I can always dream!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. That's a lovely quote. I love lilac and there's a tree in our road that will soon have its lilac blooms. I like to stand under it and inhale.

  6. I love flip-flops too!!!

    And I am adding the Devotions book to my list to read. I have been looking for one that spoke to me so thank you for sharing it!

  7. Beautiful quote from Lady Bird. She brought beauty to Texas and the whole country. Thank you for sharing the devotional. I am about halfway through my current devotional and really love the workbooks by Mary Clewley. If you finish your devotional and need something new, you might try one of Mary's available on Amazon.
    You are so right, children need to play outside more. My daughters were talking yesterday about how much they were outside in the front yard, back yard, park as little girls. Not tiny girls but 9, 10. That sunshine and outdoor activity is so good for little ones.

    Thank you so much for joining us!!


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