Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Weekly Weigh-In ~ #2 ~ 1/11/2023

This week I only exercised 3/7 days :(  I really need to work on better time management to get everything I want to accomplish in a day to fit into 24 hours.

I managed to eke out time for 3/7 days of exercise.  Two of those days I got on the treadmill.  Sunday I went outside (bundled up, of course) and got some fresh air while I walked.  My new "fitness tracker" watch came and I've been very aware of how little I'm moving each day.

I really, really don't want do give up my journey this time.  I guess the beginning of a journey can sometimes be the hardest.  The planning, the prep, the getting started and then keeping momentum.  I just feel like I lost my momentum this week and it showed on the scale :(

As always, my tracking week is Monday through Sunday.  Here are some stats:

Exercise Week #1:

1/2/2023 - Monday ~ 30 minutes treadmill

1/3/2023 - Tuesday ~ 30 minutes treadmill

1/8/2023 - Sunday ~ 30 minutes walking outside

This Week's Total:  90 minutes

2023 Grand Total:  240 minutes

Weigh in #2:

Highest Weight ~ 300.6 lbs

Last Week's Weight ~ 1/2/2023 ~ 286.2 lbs.

This Week's Weight ~ 1/9/2023 ~ 287.2 lbs.

This Week's Total:  +1.0 lbs

Grand Total: -13.4 lbs

Please let me know in the comments if you are on your own weight loss journey!  I'd love to follow along :)

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  1. I am not on a weight loss journey, but I need to find my way back to walking more. I feel as though I just can't following this foot surgery and I need to be moving more.


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