Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Wondering Wednesday ~ Getting to Know My Music Favorites ~ 6/17/20

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Today’s questions is – Who was your favorite musician or band when you were a teenager?

My Answer - I grew up on Country Music but have a very eclectic taste in music.  I didn't really have a favorite musician or band but I do remember some of the songs that were playing when the hubby and I started dating.  I'll leave the links below in case you'd like to go listen to them on youtube.

Did you have a favorite musician or band when you were a teenager?



  1. I love all of those songs! I picked P!NK as my favorite as a teen

  2. I loved country music. Always have. Bands/singers like Alabama, Garth Brooks, and the Judds are still some of my absolute favorites!

  3. Loved all those songs!! I may need to add those to my Amazon Music and sing along!! LOL!

    Over on my blog I shared mine but I am an old soul and love oldies so that's what i mainly listened to!


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