Saturday, June 20, 2020

Book Haul ~ 6/20/20

This week I added the following books to my TBR "shelf":

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Happy Reading!


  1. A Farewell Kiss sounds interesting. I'll look it up- thanks- Hope you have a great day.

  2. Both of those women look like they are social distancing. People seemed to do more of that in the past. I guess they learned from the pandemics they'd experienced. I love the peacefulness of both covers. I bet these will be great reads.

  3. I think both of those books look like the perfect book to escape into. Have a good week. My Sunday Salon

  4. I've read books by Jen Geigle Johnson. I like her writing. Enjoy your two books!

  5. Those covers look so peaceful and pretty :) Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

  6. Lovely covers and the stories sound good. Have a good week and enjoy your reading!


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