Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 6/23/20 ~ with pictures

A few sentences about each day...

June 14, 2020 - June 20, 2020

Sun/14 ~ It was such a busy few days that it was nice to have a normal Sunday.  After Church and Fellowship, Doug and I took a much needed afternoon nap!  I took a walk outside to prune the flowers.  Doug has been faithfully watering them and they are looking very good.

Mon/15 ~ Laken decided to start a new puzzle this evening.  She was putting puzzles together left and right at the beginning of the quarantine but hasn't started any new ones in a few weeks.  We found another Disney 4-pack of puzzles at Hobby Lobby so she started putting together the "Princess and the Frog". 

Tues/16 ~ Laken finished her puzzle already.  She worked on that thing nonstop!  We played with the kittens, Punkin and Peanut, a good bit.  They are so friendly and come running when we call them.  I think they are both boys but I not good at being able to tell when they are this young!

Wed/17 ~ I sent out invitation for Laken's "Birthday Party".  Her actual birthday is February 2nd so we promised her a summer party for her 13th birthday.  We are going to go camping and have her friends come over to the campground for the afternoon/evening.  We're in full blown list-making and planning.  Laken is VERY excited  :)

Thurs/18 ~ I didn't take the time to journal this day.  I can't remember anything of note happening.  I promise I'll do better...  Here's another cute kitten picture:

Fri/19 ~ Today is the last day of the work week for Doug and Kaylee.  Kaylee actually got home early tonight as they got finished with all their work early.  We dropped Laken off at a friend's house for a sleepover at 4pm.  Then we took my Dad shoe shopping for Father's Day.  He found a pair he liked within 15 minutes and we were done!  I wish it were that easy for the girls to find shoes!

Sat/20 ~ Today is my Mom and Dad's 45th Anniversary.  We took them out to eat at Applebee's for lunch.  It was very yummy and we didn't have to wait at all.  We must have gotten there as soon as they opened because it got very busy very quickly.  We had a nice time out and about :)  No picture today so I'll add another flower picture :)

Until next week,



  1. Sounds like a fun week. I love the puzzle that Laken has put together.

  2. Hi Coletta! I am still looking forward to reading that book you are sending me. Hasn't arrived yet. It is always fun to read your weekly journals. I journal too (in addition to my blog) - in a composition notebook. I think writing is such great therapy. I do the pictures of your flowers and kittens. Have a good week. See you again soon!

    1. I keep forgetting to buy packing tape at the store! As soon as I do, I'll send the book out to you. Sorry for the delay!


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