Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 6/9/20 ~ with pictures

A few sentences about each day...

May 31, 2020 - June 6, 2020

Mon/31 ~  This should be the last Sunday Kaylee has to work for a while.  The Anniversary Sale ended May 29th and they should be getting back to normal hours soon.  Right now she is a temp, so I'm praying that her position becomes permanent.  I made Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies this afternoon to take to evening Church.  The edges were pretty crunchy but the Peanut Butter Icing was so yummy that it made up for it :)

Tues/1 ~ Happy June!  I'm so excited to turn the calendar page to a new month!  I love when a new month starts on a Monday.  It feels like a fresh new start and I, for one, am hitting the reset button!  I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes this morning and it felt great.  I'm still using the MyWW app to track my food and exercise but have been really lackadaisical about it.  I'm also excited about today being June 1st because the #20booksofsummer20 starts today!  Whoohoo!  You can see more about it by clicking on the picture in my sidebar.

Tues/2 ~ It was a weird day weather-wise.  It got to be 80F but was so dreary and dark for most of the day.  Finally this evening, the sun came out for a while.  It didn't rain, so I was able to hang laundry out to dry.  The first rose of the summer is blooming on the rose bush that my Mom got a cutting from my Grandmother's rose bush.  It is beautiful and brings back such great memories.  Laken and I made a Graham Cracker Pudding Dessert for Bible Study tomorrow night.  We made it up as we went :)

Wed/3 ~ Big excitement here at the house today!  My Dad saw a snake going up a tree by the garden!  He came in the house to get a gun and told everyone to stay inside.  The snake disappeared into the woods before Dad could get to it...  The kids (Laken and Dex) decided to stand guard from the deck and keep an eye out for any more snakes!  The cats helped :)  Thankfully, none were seen.  I hate snakes! 

Thurs/4 ~ Kaylee registered for her classes for the Fall 2020 Semester!  She'll be taking two classes online.  That will make her a part-time student.  She's still not sure about her work situation as right now she is just "seasonal".  My devotional books that I ordered from Christianbook.com arrived!  They were a long while getting here with the distribution center being shut down until last Monday.  I think I'll start with the "Devotions from the Garden".

Fri/5 ~ Laken made Doug's birthday cake today so that we can have his birthday "celebration" tomorrow at lunch because Kaylee is going to a friend's house tomorrow evening.  This evening cooled off beautifully so I walked around the house taking pictures of the flowers.  They are blooming so prettily right now.  It has been raining a bit each day so we haven't had to water the flowers or the garden very much.  I imagine that will change though.

Sat/6 ~ Today we celebrated Doug's 52nd birthday with lunch and a cake.  His actual birthday is on Tuesday but he works and we have Ladies Meeting in the evening.  Kaylee went to a work friend's house to watch scary movies.  I won't watch a scary movie so she has been a bit sheltered!  I had an appointment at 5pm to get my hair cut and eyebrows waxed.  It felt so good to get some pampering in :)  Lilah went to the groomer today also!  She looks and smells so much better :)

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