Friday, May 20, 2022

Sewing Saturday ~ Sunny Blue Hawaii 2 ~ 5/21/2022

I'm going to be featuring my sewing, crocheting and crafting projects on Saturdays.  Some weeks this will include a finished project, a FNSI or FNWF or just a WIP.


Since finishing Adalynn Audrey's Baby Blanket, I needed a new project to work on while sitting on the deck or watching TV on the couch/bed.

I remembered an afghan I had made and absolutely adored the colors.  I called it Sunny Blue Hawaii and you can see the finished post from 2015 HERE.  It was gifted to a friend in the Summer of 2015.

I decided to make an afghan with Sunny Blue Hawaii as inspiration.  I'm calling it "Sunny Blue Hawaii 2"!  Original, right?

The colors are basically the same but I'll be switching up the granny squares just a tad.

The squares are a bit smaller and alternate colors.

The plan, for now, is to make the afghan 6 squares by 8 squares.  I'll then add borders depending on how much yarn I have left

Here's a small sample of what it will look like.  I have 8 squares completed so far.  I have 40 more to go!

I have a friend in mind to gift this to but I'm not sure if she likes these colors.  I'll find out and let you know :)



  1. Sunny Blue Hawaii will have the color of Ukraine too ;) Lovely squares, it's going to be a cozy and sweet blanket.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful start! Love the photo of the basket of yarn just waiting to become something!

  3. Oh boy - that sure is pretty - both the original and the new one. I think I might have to try some crochet this summer for a change of pace. You might have inspired me to go find my yarn!

  4. Sunny Blue Hawaii #2 will be very pretty,Colletta. I love the combo color blue and yellow, and nowadays this brings Ukaine to my mind. Happy slow stitching

  5. I love those colors! This is going to be a pretty afghan. Enjoy your stitching.

  6. LOVE that sunny blue Hawaiian Afghan!!!

  7. I loved seeing your original Sunny Blue Hawaii - that one turned out gorgeous - and I like the alternate version you've started. I can't imagine anyone not loving those colors together!
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  8. It's a fun color combination. Enjoy your new project.

  9. That is a happy and bright one - I like the way Sunny Blue Hawaii 2 is coming together!


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