Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Weekly Weigh In ~ 5/13/20

I did it!  I lost 1.6 lbs this week!  I was so excited :)

I think moving my weigh in day to Monday worked.  I was more intentional with my eating over the weekend knowing that I had to weigh in on Monday.

I didn't quite make my Fit Goal for the week.  I got 23/25 Fit Points mostly from walking on my treadmill.  I'm really enjoying having the treadmill as our weather has been CRAZY lately!

My goal this week is to stay within my food limits and get over my Fit Point goal.


On to the weigh in:

Highest Weight ~ 297.0
(re) Starting Weight ~ 4/8/20 ~ 283.4

Last Week's Weight ~  5/1/20 ~ 279.2 lbs

This Week's Weight ~ 5/8/20 ~      277.6 lbs

This Week's Total:    -1.6 lbs

Total:  -5.8 lbs
Grand Total: -19.4 lbs

I'm going to be weighing in on Mondays but will post my results on Wednesday.

I hope you follow along on my (seemingly never-ending) journey!  If you'd like to join in, let me know :)


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