Thursday, May 14, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 5/14/20

A few sentences about each day...

May 6, 2020 - May 12, 2020

Wed/6 ~ It was rainy and cold today but fortunately the called for snow didn't materialize.  We're trying to decide if we should build a deck, a patio or save the money.  I'd really like a large patio up on the hill behind the house be we don't know if it would be worth the money.  We've been debating the pros and cons...

Thurs/7 ~ It was a beautiful day out!  Sunny and 65F made for a nice time out on the deck.  It got a bit chilly when the sun went behind a cloud but I didn't care.  I was just glad to be outside.  I'm still waiting on an order from  I think the warehouse is still closed until May 18th.  I'm waiting on my new devotional.

Fri/8 ~ Laken finished the "Ruff Life" puzzle but is missing 3 pieces.  They have to be here somewhere.  It was a brand new puzzle.  Kaylee has her first full week of work under her belt.  She seems to "not mind" her job.  Her first pay is the 15th.  I have a feeling she'll like it a bit more then.  Laken and I started watching "When Hope Calls" tonight.

Sat/9 ~ It was cold and snowy today so we worked on inside projects.  I spent the entire evening curled up with a blanket and a book on the couch.  I'm loving my kindle!

Sun/10 ~  This was our last week of Home Church!  Our county moves to "yellow" on Friday!  I'm so excited!  I cut Kaylee's hair this afternoon.  I was nervous but I think it looks super cute :)  She likes and that is what matters most.

Mon/11 ~ Doug and I stopped at the Farmer's Market and got some vegetable plants for the garden.  We won't plant them yet as we're having unseasonably cold temperatures at night.  It is supposed to warm up drastically by next week with temperatures in the 80F's.  I say "bring it on"!

Tues/12 ~ I discovered today that not all Kindle books are created equally.  I started a book by a new author but ended up quitting reading it at 10% read.  I then tried another new author of a regency novel and am loving it.  I guess it is just rial and error.  At least they are "free"!

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