Saturday, December 7, 2019

Work In Progress ~ 12/7/19


Time to start a new project!  This will be Winter 2020 Project #1 :)
Once again, I'm using RH Ombre but this time in Anemone, Anthracite and Deep Teal.  I am loving these colors together!

I'm crocheting granny squares using Anemone and Deep Teal and bordering them with the Anthracite.  I decided to do a granny square afghan because they are very relaxing and I can crochet away while watching TV without the concentration needed when crocheting from a pattern.

I do have to deal with all those pesky ends that need to be tied in though :)

The good thing with doing solid squares is that there aren't TOO many ends.  I do love a little pile of cut ends, don't you?  hehe

I also love when the blocks are nice and tied off in a pile.  Even better is when they are crocheted together into rows!  Two rows down, 5 more to go!

I've decided that I'm going to be gifting this afghan to Shawn's Mom, Linda.  Shawn is Kaylee's boyfriend of going on 5 years now!  (Wow, the time has flown!)  Linda has heart problems for being such a young woman.  As I'm crocheting this blanket, I will be praying for Linda.  She is such a sweet lady and has raised an amazing young man.

I think I'll just be calling this afghan "Linda's Prayer Blanket".   She doesn't know that I'm making it so I hope she likes the colors!

What are you working on?


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