Saturday, October 7, 2017

Saturday 9 ~ Turn Me Loose ~ 10/7/17

Turn Me Loose (1959)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Fabian sings he has change in his pocket. Every evening, Sam puts her change in the piggy bank on her kitchen counter. Do you do anything special with your coins? Or do they just jingle/jangle in your wallet or pocket until you spend them?
It usually just stays in my wallet until I need to dig around for change to buy something.

2) Fabian got his start because his neighbor in Philadelphia owned a record label and thought 14-year-old Fabian had the looks to be a teen idol. Tell us about a time recently when you were in the right place at the right time.
This is a hard one.  I can't really think of anything.  I can think of lots of wrong place/wrong time, though.

3) His record label paid Fabian $30 week to study singing after school. What jobs/chores did you have when you were in high school? Did they prepare you for your eventual career?
I helped in my Mother and Aunt's sewing shop.  For a while I owned an Etsy shop with sewn items but not I work part-time outside the home in an office.  The Shop didn't really prepare me for that other than to know when I have work to get done, I need to focus.

4) In 1959 he appeared on the cover of now-defunct magazines like Teen Screen and Dig. Who and what did you read about when you were a teenager?
I loved romance novels even then.  I started reading them when I was about 13 years old and still read them today :)  I also got the magazine Teen Beat which at that time featured Kirk Cameron and Sean Astin and others of that era.

5) In the 1960s he moved from singing to acting. In 1965 he appeared in Ten Little Indians, a screen adaptation of an Agatha Christie mystery. Have you ever read an Agatha Christie book?
I think I've read one Agatha Christie book and I don't even remember the name of it because it was so long ago.

6) In 1973, in an attempt to jumpstart his career, he appeared nude in Playgirl magazine. By the time it hit the newsstands, he regretted it.  Tell us about a time you were very embarrassed.
I was extremely shy when I was young, so it didn't take much to embarrass me.  I remember one time in particular when I couldn't figure out a math problem at the chalk board.  I was devastated.  I'm also a perfectionist when it comes to academics...
7) In 1959, when this song was popular, most women wore nylons on a daily basis and the average price per pair was $1. What socks or leg wear -- if any -- do you have on right now?
Nope, nothing for me.  If I'm home, it is that barefoot feeling for me.  Unless the floor is cold.  Then I love me some fuzzy socks :)
8) 1959 also saw the premiere of The Twilight Zone on CBS. 58 years later, you can still see the show in reruns. Are you a fan?
That would be a big NO!  I hate scary shows and movies.  They creep me out for weeks!

 9) Random Question: While we're talking about TV ... Sam finds it disturbing that her brother claims he's seen every episode of Bad Blood, a show devoted to family members who have murdered their relatives. Do you enjoy "true crime" reality shows?
That would be another NO for me.  Again, creeps me out!
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  1. Being able to focus is a very important attribute. I wish I'd mastered it.

  2. So many of us are wearing nothing on our feet. I think it’s healthy. Most of the rest of the world Is barefoot , too. I’ll cave for running shoes now and again. Loved your answer to 3 about work prep, and that your mother and aunt had a dress shop. I did alterations and tailoring from home when the kids were small, as my mother and grandmother taught me to sew very early.


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