Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday Weigh-In ~ 8/26/17

I was so excited for this week's weigh-in.
I had done the work.
I had tracked the food. paid off!!!!  Whooohooo!
I was down 2.4 lbs this week for a running total of -22.2 lbs from my highest weight. 
I might have actually done a fight pump!  hehe
The plan for this next week is more of the same.  Walking and staying within my point limits each day.
I'd really like to lose at least 1 lb a week.
Here's hoping!

My week's stats:

Weigh-in: -2.4lbs   Total:  -22.2 lbs.

Exercise: Sat:  50 minutes
                 Sun:  60 minutes
                 Mon:  60 minutes
                 Tues:   30 minutes
                 Wed:   30 minutes
                 Thurs:  30 minutes
                  Fri:      minutes
                   TOTAL: 260  minutes = 52 FitPoints

Food Tracking:  I tracked ALMOST everything this week.


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