Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Wondering Wednesday ~ Christmas Season ~ 12/2/2020

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Today’s question is – How early do you start celebrating the Christmas Season?

My Answer -  Usually I start celebrating the Christmas Season around Thanksgiving by listening to some Christmas music while we prepare Thanksgiving Dinner.

This year, like so many other people I've seen, we started celebrating the Christmas Season a lot sooner.  We started listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies in the beginning of November.

My husband and I usually "officially" kick-off the Christmas Season with Black Friday shopping.  This year is so different.  We were almost completely done with our shopping before Black Friday even hit.  We did a lot of online shopping this year, too.  It isn't quite the same but it IS exciting to see the delivery truck pull into the driveway!

We're just trying to go with the flow this strange, strange year...

How early do you start celebrating the Christmas Season?


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