Friday, December 11, 2020

Saturday at the Shop ~ 12/12/2020

I've been really busy this week adding new items to MY SHOP.  Below are some of my new listings.  Just click on the picture to go to the listing.  I also love to make custom orders!

This is a solid Baby Pink Beautiful Shells Blanket.  It measures 36X36.

I also made a Beautiful Shells Blanket 36X36 in Pale Blue.

Below is a Prayer Shawl in Ombre Pink.

I wanted to make some baby hats to coordinate with some of the blankets I have listed.  This listing is for a set of three in girly colors.

And some boy colors...

This is a super cute Christmas/Valentine hat.  Again, I can make custom orders for different sizes.

I finished off this Granny Square Baby Blanket that measures 30X38.

And some coordinating beanies :)

Right now I'm working on a prayer shawl in Cafe Latte.  I'm hoping to get it finished and featured next week.

I hope you'll stop by MY SHOP and give it some love!



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  2. You are very talented! I love your beautiful afghans and hats and especially the prayer shawls. A church that I used to work at had a ladies' group who made the prayer shawls, and they would pray over each one and then give it to someone going through any kind of medical or other serious issue. My son and I were both recipients of prayer shawls when he was battling cancer. It was a real blessing of comfort to me especially, knowing it was made with prayer. My son is now in heaven, but we will see him again someday...and the prayers sure helped us through that time. so please keep up the good work. It is very meaningful. I love the baby hats. I have a baby doll who would love a new hat... I may have to think about that!


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