Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wondering Wednesday ~ 2020 Goals ~ 12/16/2020

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Today’s question is – Did you meet any goals you set for 2020?

My Answer -  I did!

I set my Goodreads goal for 26 books and I met that goal in either October or November.  Of course, that was the last book I read this year...

I had big plans for 2020 as I'm sure lots of people did.  A great big wrench was thrown at us, wasn't it?  

I'm excited to set some new goals for 2021.  I'll probably write a 2021 Goals post sometime so stay tuned.

Hopefully, 2021 will be little a little kinder to us all!

Did you meet any of the goals you set for 2020?


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  1. I honestly can't remember what my goals were for 2020. I had some major surgery in March, just before the big "shutdown". So I spent the spring and summer recuperating anyway, which is what I needed to do. We didn't get to take a trip to Maine in October for our grandson's 21st birthday, and that was a bummer. But we did take a short trip to GA. mountains in November. Our family reunion was cancelled, and we don't know when we will attempt to reschedule that yet. (in NC). But all in all we are very thankful that God has spared us any serious issues in our family and community. Our kids are gainfully employed and we are all healthy. Praise God!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you met your reading goal for this year!!! And early :)


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