Monday, October 1, 2012

A Listicle ~ Fall ~ 10/1/12

"The 10 Likes and Dislikes About Fall"


1.  Hoodies :)

2.  Football ~ GO STEELERS!

3.  Fuzzy socks.

4.  New TV shows.

5.  Crunching leaves

6.  Homecoming

7.  Memories of Volleyball Season

8.  Cooler weather.

9.  Our Anniversary!

10.  The smell.


1.  Dark, dreary mornings :(

2.  Getting the kids up for school.

3.  Colds/Allergies.

4.  Closing the pool.

5.  Homework.

6.  Cold cheeks when out walking.

7.  Defrosting the vehicles.

8.  Christmas  items in stores in September!

9.  Sorting through the kids warm clothes to see what still fits.

10.  Sorting through MY warms clothes to see what still fits :(

Disclaimer:  Fall is my FAVORITE season so I could have had a lot more than 10 likes and really had to think hard to come up with 10 dislikes.

What are your Fall likes and dislikes ?

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, I didn't really think of all the dislikes (except the color orange, and the drizzle)! Mh, I really need to reconsider!

  2. Volleyball is the best live sport to watch. Such athleticism!

  3. I remember the days of switching out the clothes to see what fit which kid. I don't miss that. But I do miss just about everything else of having them be little. We aren't getting the cool down yet. But I'm ever hopeful.

  4. I get sooooooo annoyed when stores start marketing for Christmas in September!

  5. I totally hear you on those dislikes. The dark mornings and evenings really bum me out.

  6. Love the hoodies too! I'm with you on the defrosting car windows. Ugh. And I always forget to heat up the car so I just sit in a freezing cold car waiting for the windows to defrost. But oh, I love the hoodies! :)

  7. Wish we could eliminate #10 dislike by buying a new wardrobe every yeAr :) love your likes though!


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