Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Good Stuff ~ 12/9/2021


~Kindred Readers Book Club!  I'm so excited to be co-hosting a brand new book club.  Our first book (for January 2022) is "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes.  Click HERE to come check out the facebook group and, hopefully, join in :)

~A Baby Shower!  Saturday was the Baby Shower for, Rachel, my cousin's sweet wife.  Some family from Virginia even surprised us by making the 3 hour drive for the shower.  It was a great time of family and celebration of the new baby girl coming into the family.  Mom and Dad are keeping her name a secret until her arrival!  So fun :)

~A Baby Reveal!  Another cousin of mine, Nikki who lives in Florida, is having a baby also.  Saturday (it was a busy day) she had a gender reveal and they skyped us Pennsylvanians so we could be part.  Nikki's older sister, Heather, was the "gender keeper".  Oh, and the baby is a GIRL!! :)

~Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange!  I took part in the yearly Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange Blog Hop on Wednesday.  Click HERE to go see what I shared :)

What has you thankful/smiling/exited this week?  Tell me all the good stuff! 



  1. What wonderful things to have happened! Have a great week ahead.

  2. Hooray for the sweet babies coming soon. Okay, bring on the cookies, we're ready. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. Sweet babies arriving soon, how exciting! I sent a request to join in your book club, I think that would be so much fun. I was just thinking about starting a local book club.

  4. A new baby. I love it when it's close to time for a new family baby.

    Oh that goody looks fabulous. I ate it.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

  5. Wonderful! Have a marvellously happy week!


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