Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Wondering Wednesday ~ Rural or City ~ 7/15/20

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Today’s questions is – Do you live in a rural or city setting?

My Answer - I live in a rural setting.  In fact, we are surrounded by State Game Lands.

The closest town is 10 minutes away and it is very small.  The next "bigger" town north of us is a good 30 minute drive.  This is where Laken goes to Middle School and Doug and Kaylee work.  The next closest "city" south of us is also a 30 minute drive.  This is where Kaylee's College is located.

I love living in the country.  The only thing I mind is all the gas money we have to spend traveling to work, groceries, practices, etc., etc., etc.  That bums me out but I guess it is worth it ;)  Oh, and winter can be a bear too!

Do you live in a rural or city setting?


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