Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thankful Thursday ~ 7/16/20

Here are some things that made me thankful this week:

~ 7/9/20 ~ Ice Cream!  It has been so hot lately and when it is hot, we go get ice cream!  There is an ice cream stand about 15 minutes away called "Sundae's" and they have a peanut butter sundae to die for.  This week their special flavor is peanut butter.  A peanut butter sundae with peanut butter ice cream and peanuts on top is my absolute favorite!  Yummo!

~ 7/10/20 ~ New phones!  We decided to upgrade from having Tracfones to Boost Mobile.  We were able to get 4 new phones and unlimited services for $120/mo.  We were at the Boost Mobile store for 3 hours getting everything switched but it was worth it, I guess :)

~ 7/11/20 ~ Tyler!  Today a young man that goes to Church with us had a 16th Birthday Party that we were invited to.  There was lots of good food and plenty of good company.  Happy Bday, Tyler!  

~ 7/12/20 ~ Rain!  Finally, we had a good down pour!  We really need the rain and it cooled the temperatures off nicely :)

~ 7/13/20 ~ No Cavities!  Laken had a dental appt with for a cleaning last Thursday and the hygienist thought she saw two small cavities.  When we went back for the fillings today, the dentist said that he didn't see anything that needed filled at this point and we'd just keep an eye on them.  For this I was very thankful!  Laken does not do well with needles and I was earnestly praying that she wouldn't pass out when they tried to give her the Novocaine!  Laken said, "The Lord provides!" :)

~ 7/14/20 ~ Volleyball!  Laken's Volleyball Open Gym started this afternoon!  She loves it.  While she was in practice, I walked around the track for 33 minutes exactly :)  It was so hot and I was ready to get into some A/C and get a drink of water.  I'm thankful that some things are seemingly normal again.

~ 7/15/20 ~ Clean cars!  I have decided to mark on my schedule to clean the cars out every Wednesday.  If not, way too much junk gets left in them.  I can't stand having to move junk out of the way so that we can get in.  I love a clean car!

What are you thankful for this week? 



  1. I woke up surprised to see it had rained here too - we need it so badly.
    I really need to get a new phone - mine has been struggling for awhile

  2. Yay! for a dental appointment with no cavities. That IS something to be thankful for!


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