Thursday, April 23, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 4/23/20

A few sentences about each day...

April 15, 2020 - April 21, 2020

Wed/15 ~ Doug and I had to brave Wal-Mart to pick up Laken new inhaler at the pharmacy.  Kaylee wanted to go along but I made her stay home.  Apparently, Governor Wolf made an order that you "must" wear a mask when going into stores.  I have one that my mom made me and I made one for Doug out of a t-shirt sleeve!

Thurs/16 ~ Laken and I started a new puzzle today.  She stayed up late last night to finish the last one.  The new one is 1500 pieces and is called "It's a Ruff Life" with tons of cute puppies.  Hopefully this one takes a while to put together.  Puzzles are hard to find at the store!

Fri/17 ~ Laken and I made Oreo Truffles this evening they were very easy to make so I posted the recipe here on my blog.  I was down 1.4 lbs this morning when I weighed in.  My Weekly Points reset today so I used a few for the Oreo Truffles :)

Sat/18 ~ It warmed up a bit today, at least enough to get a walk in.  This week is supposed to be nice so I'm hoping to get lots of FitPoints in.  Here's hoping!

Sun/19 ~ After two week off Doug is headed back to work.  We had another quiet Sunday with Home Church and an afternoon walk.  Starting tomorrow I need to work on getting into a better routine.

Mon/20 ~ Today's grocery run was our first time wearing masks to do our shopping.  It is now required in PA.  They've also extended our "stay at home" until May 8th!  I'm trying not to watch the news as much as I did "in the beginning".  It was giving me nightmares and lots of anxiety.

Tues/21 ~ We dropped the Nitro off at the local garage to get it inspected.   We still need to get new tires for the Subaru.  That will be next.  I got 5 FitPoints in today!  I have two more days to get in 6 FitPoints to meet my weekly goal of 25 FitPoints.  I also stayed within my daily food Points.  Hopefully, I'll see some results come Friday's weigh in.

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