Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tuesday 4 ~ Spending Time ~ 5/25/2021


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This week let's talk about spending time

1.Are you currently reading a book you'd like to tell us about? Maybe a TV program you can recommend to us?

I haven't picked up a book or my kindle in what seems like months.  Things have been so busy with wedding planning and babysitting Annalea!  I haven't been watching much TV either but I would recommend The Prodigal Son if you don't already watch it.  Amazingly captivating show!

2. Are you a Jane Austen fan? So many seem to be. If you are what is your favorite book and who is your favorite character.  If you aren't a fan, is there an author you especially like to read? Favorite character..etc?

I am a Jane Austen fan!  I think Pride & Prejudice would have to be my favorite Austen book as it was the first one I read as a young girl.  And like many, I swoon for Mr. Darcy :)

3.  How do you spend your time during the day?  Do you set apart time to read, watch TV, study?

After getting Laken off to school (which tomorrow is the last day of for this year), I watch Annalea my cousin's almost 3 month old until around 3pm.  Then it is time to make supper.  I try to set aside time to read my Bible Study and I'm joining a Summer Self-Improvement Challenge  and the 20 Books of Summer so I plan on trying to read SOMETHING this summer!  I just have to set aside the time to do it...

4. Have your beliefs changed in your life time? New religion.. new politics? Or are they the same as they were growing up? Do you spend time thinking over the important things of life to take stock in your life?

My beliefs are pretty much the same only deeper and more solidified.  Sometimes I think that I spend too much time thinking over things instead of just enjoying life.  I'm still searching for a happy medium.



  1. I am ready to start reading again too. I have my list ready to go. I just need to finish the year at school...this is the last week. yay!!! Loved your answers. Have a nice week.


  2. I've been reading like crazy. I've piles of books that need reading and I'm going through them one by one.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  3. It certainly sounds like you have been very busy. I hope you are able to enjoy the summer reading challenge. God bless.


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