Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday 4 ~ Home Sweet Home ~ 3/31/20


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This week, let's talk about  home.
1. Do you like the way your home is decorated or would you tweak things a bit if budget allowed?

I like the way it is decorated.  It is an eclectic style with lots of crocheted blankets and comfort items.

2.. Do you have any plans/dreams to change anything about your home ?

We'd like to re-do our flooring in the Family Room and our Bedroom.  When we were building the addition we were at the end of the budget and put down some of those "sticky" faux-tiles.  We knew it was only temporary though so it has been bearable :)

3. What style of furniture do you have or want  to have in your home and why?

As I said it is all about comfort for us.  We have a two-couch sectional so that we have lots of room to sprawl out and watch movies as a family.

4. Tell us about your ideal dream house or dream kitchen if you prefer.

I'm very happy with our current housing situation.  The only big item on my wishlist, other than the flooring, is a large deck off the back of the house.  I don't know how soon that will happen though, but I can dream :)



  1. Oh I want a large deck as well. I personally want a screened in porch, but I find that a large deck would be better than nothing and probably more affordable.

  2. I agree, its all about family comfort!

  3. I would love a deck or a covered porch...or both. I would use them differently. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.



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