Wednesday, October 3, 2018

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes ~ Day 3 ~ Believe

October 3, 2018

Today's writing prompt is the word "BELIEVE".

There are so many directions I could take with the word "BELIEVE".  I could write about my spiritual beliefs but I've already done that (check out my tab at the top for the Biblical Way of Salvation).

I think I need to keep going with my mini-theme of mental health and my diagnosis of Bipolar 2.  How, do I incorporate today's word into that?

Very simply.  I must believe that there is a reason that I deal with anxiety, depression and Bipolar 2.

Do I know that reason?  Not at this point.  Although, as I get older, I'm starting to get glimpses.  I may go into further detail with that tomorrow if I'm brave enough.

This was a lot harder to write than I thought!  My five minutes flew by without getting much written!

Come back tomorrow to read my five minutes on "WHY".


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  1. Hey! I believe in you! You can do this!
    (See my writing on believe and you'll understand how I'm paying that forward!)

  2. It's nice to see you here! Now that I've ended my Wednesday link up I'm missing so many of those 'familiar faces'. Do share! I think someone experiencing depression, anxiety, or who have been diagnosed as bi-polar.


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