Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday 9 ~ Back in the USA ~ 6/30/18

Back in the USA (1978)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song lists seven cities -- New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Chattanooga, Baton Rouge and St. Louis -- that Linda just loves. How many have you visited?

I've only been to one on the list and that is New York City.  I've actually been there a few times and even got to ride the carriage in Central Park.

2) The lyrics refer to hamburgers sizzling on the grill. What toppings do you believe make a perfect burger?

Cheese and Ketchup!

3) The original recording of this song by Chuck Berry has always been one of Linda Ronstadt's favorites, one she used to enjoy singing along with in the car. What's the most recent song you sang? 

I always have songs going through my mind.  I guess the last one was Shut Up + Dance as I looked at last week's post :)

 4) Linda sang The National Anthem at Game 3 of the 1977 World Series. The New York Yankees won both that game and the series. How is your baseball team doing this season?
My team is the Pittsburgh Pirates and they are like 8 games behind right now :(

 Since this is our last Saturday 9 before Independence Day, let's ask some questions about the holiday. 
5) During the Revolutionary War, General Washington celebrated the 4th of July by giving his troops a double ration of rum. Will you imbibe any spirits on Independence Day?
I'm not a spirit imbiber...  So, nope.

6) The first man to sign the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock, said he wrote his name so large King George could see it, even without his glasses. Do you require glasses for reading? 

Not for reading, but I do require glasses or contacts for seeing at a distance.

 7) Since July 4 is a federal holiday, banks are closed and there's no mail delivery. Thanks to email and ATMs, Sam finds going without those services isn't a hardship. What about you? Will you find it inconvenient that banks and the USPS are closed on July 4?
No, not really.

8) The first 4th of July parade each year is held at 12:01 AM in Gatlinberg, TN. Will you attend a parade or fireworks to celebrate the 4th?

We'll be attending Fireworks over the Lake at Shawnee State Park this year.

9) More and more Americans celebrate our nation's holiday by eating foods from Italy and Germany. For the July 4, 2016 holiday, more than $50 million was spent on Italian sausage and bratwurst. What's on your 4th of July menu?

We haven't actually made specific plans yet, but usually the normal burgers and hotdogs are on the menu.  Maybe some grilled chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing.  Yumm....
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  1. Enjoy the fireworks. I think fireworks over a lake would be pretty.

  2. Thanks for cluing me in on the Pirates. I had no idea how they were doing this year. The fireworks at Shawnee sound fun. I've never been there and you are the second person in a week that's mentioned it...going to have to make a point of getting there.

    1. It is a nice place to visit. The Pirates won last night! whoohoo!

  3. I have always, ALWAYS wanted to take a romantic carriage ride through Central Park! If I had a bucket list, that would be #1.

    I'm a Cub fan. I believe our teams are in the toughest division in the National League. The Pirates are better than their place in the standings make them look.

    1. Thanks for perking me up a bit about the Pirates :)

  4. Chicken marinated in Italian dressing is the best marinate and the easiest.

  5. I love Central Park. However, sometimes those carriage guys can be a bit annoying.

    1. We lucked out and got a great driver. Not bad to look at either :)

  6. ah, a ride in a carriage in Central Park sounds like fun. I'd like to be a dog walker there. Even more fun!

    Enjoy your Fourth of July.

  7. This was fun. Thanks for sharing it. Here's my link


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