Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Weight Watchers Freestyle

I mentioned in my "Happy 40th Birthday to Me!" that my gift to myself was starting back to Weight Watchers Meetings.

I had tried going to meetings about a year ago but then changed my plan to Online Only.  This means that I was still a member of Weight Watchers but I only had access to the Online membership which does not include going to meetings.

The reason I quit going to the meeting was NOT because I wasn't having success.  I was.  I had lost 15 lbs in my 3 month membership.  My reasons were more selfish.

~The meeting is at 8:30am on Saturday morning.
~The meeting is a 35 minute drive away.
~I was burnt out and wanted to sleep in.  So lazy!
~It was going to cost more after the 3 month introductory membership was over.


After a year of trying to go at it alone with Online Only (which I only would stick to for a week at a time) and just managing to maintain, I decided that I think I do indeed need the accountability of the meeting and weigh-in once a week.

I was nervous going back.  I don't know why!  Everyone was as welcoming as ever.

There had been some changes though.  They are now more digital with weigh-ins and keeping records.  And then there's....


Freestyle is Weight Watchers new plan.  They've added a ton of zero SmartPoint foods including some of my favorites:  eggs, chicken breast, turkey breast and even plain nonfact Greek yogurt; not to mention all the fruits and veggies (yuck) that have been added as well as those that had already been zero SmartPoints.

I'm so excited to start trying some new recipes and sharing them here on Colletta's Kitchen Sink.  I already went shopping for the ingredients to make 1 SmartPoint Brownies!!!  So excited!!!

Stay tuned!

If anyone has experience (good or bad) with Weight Watchers Freestyle, I'd love for you to share in the comments.


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  1. I tried Freestyle for a week. I’d done well on Points Plus, but quit Weight Watchers when Smart Points was introduced and found an app I could use to continue with the older plan. I hated Smart Points, it is too low carb for. Freestyle fixed some of the problems I had with Smart Points. But when you don’t have to count chicken or eggs, there’s a tendency to eat too much of those proteins. That’s why I went back to an older plan, I didn’t think I had the discipline for Freestyle


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