Thursday, January 13, 2022

Book Review ~ The Promise of Deception by Jessica Sly


Title:  The Promise of Deception by Jessica Sly
Series:  Isles of Illusion Book 1
Pages:  342
Date Published:  December 5, 2021
Publisher:  Mountain Brook Fire


Adelynn Spencer, a spirited member of the Edwardian London upper class, struggles under the conditions of her engagement to Detective Inspector Baze Ford. But during the gala announcing their betrothal, events take a fatal turn when Adelynn experiences a vivid dream of a man dying with a knife buried in his chest. To her alarm, Baze and his men later discover the man exactly as she witnessed.

When Adelynn sees a second dream—a second victim—she tries to convince Baze that there are more sinister things at work. Choosing hard evidence over Adelynn's outrageous claims, Baze dismisses her and turns his attention to the location of the most recent crime, the Empress Theatre. Determined to uncover the truth of her visions, Adelynn investigates on her own. She infiltrates the theater and becomes spellbound by the charming spectacle of the resident magician.

As Baze wrestles with the decision to harden his heart or take action to protect the woman who means everything to him, Adelynn ventures further into the clutches of magic and murder. Can she keep her mind safe and draw the killer out of the shadows?
My Thoughts:
Nothing is more fun than to discover a debut author's first book and have that book be the first of a series!  I was so excited to read "The Promise of Deception"!  If I hadn't known this was Jessica Sly's debut, I never would have guessed it.

I had a terrible time figuring out who the murderer was!  Just when I thought I had figured out in the world was going the author threw in another twist.  I loved it!

I don't want to give too much away, but this book was probably about as suspenseful, mysterious and scary as I like to comfortably read.  It was just right :)

I now follow Jessica Sly on facebook and she posted that she is currently working on her second book.  I wonder if it is Finn's story or Siobhan's??  Maybe neither and it will be completely new characters.  I guess I'll have to wait to find out!

I downloaded this book from Kindle Unlimited.

Onto the next book!

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