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My Weekly Bookishness ~ 11/19/2021

All things bookish!

What I Read:

Unfortunately, I didn't finish reading anything this week :(


What I'm Reading:


She wants to forget she ever knew him; he just wants her.

Mabel Sheffield is too tall, or so she believes. It one of the reasons she has given up on finding a husband and instead embraces her role as a spinster, dedicating her days to managing her grandmother's estate and her seven-year-old sister. But when Liam MacKenzie shows up at her house to stay for the summer, she's unsure if she can keep her resolve. The problem: he's the other reason she's a spinster.

Book two in the Ladies of Devon series, The Lady of Larkspur Vale is a childhood friends-to-lovers and second chance romance story. It is a clean Regency romance that continues telling the story of the four women who make up a literary society in Devon and form a lasting friendship.

First Lines:


Mabel scraped stiff fingers over her eyes and removed as much of the thick, gooey mud as she could from her eyelids.

56%/Page 56

She drew a fortifying breath.  Liam MacKenzie was sitting in her drawing room, requesting to be called by an absurd name, clearly under the impression that he was actually fooling Mabel into believing this farce.


What I'll (Probably) Read Next:


Can true love break the curse?

Amelia Fawn is cursed—or so she believes. How else can she explain each of her husbands' deaths within the first year of marriage? So after the ton names her the Black Widow and warns eligible men to stay clear, Amelia vows never to marry again. Not even if she falls in love.

Charles Fremont has loved Amelia Fawn his entire life. But after enduring countless rejections and watching her get married three other times, he's finally had enough. He swears a vow to never ask anything from her again. Even if it kills him.

Book three in the Ladies of Devon series, The Widow of Falbrooke Court, is a clean Regency romance continuing the story of the four women who make up a literary society in Devon and form a lasting friendship.


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Book Blogger Hop:

Q.  Do you use Goodreads as the main website to keep track of what you have read? If not, please share what you use? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews

A. Other than my blog, I actually do use Goodreads as my main book-tracking website.  I'll be interested to see what others use :)


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  1. I use GoodReads as well. These sounds like good books and I may have to add them to be TBR pile.

    1. My current read is entertaining if I could just find the time to read! lol

  2. Sounds like a good read!! Happy weekend!

  3. That looks like a wonderful series for this holiday time of year! Thanks for sharing the opening sentence(s) on Book Beginnings.

    I'm on Goodreads but I use LibraryThing to keep track of the books I read, in my library, and on my wish list. I just find the spreadsheet format of LibraryThing easier to use than Goodreads.

  4. I like Goodreds a lot. It has become a useful tool for me and I keep fine-tuning how I use it, too.

  5. Happy Friday!
    I'm currently reading Tomorrow's Constant Hope by Naomi Rawlings. So far, it's pretty excellent!
    "'The second largest...' Keely's voice trailed off."
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I also use Goodreads as well. I love your first line and am curious why she has mud in her eyes. The book sounds good. This week I am sharing from A Deep Divide by Kimberley Woodhouse.

  7. My first line this week is from The Mobster’s Daughter by Rachel Scott McDaniel

    September 28, 1923. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Snapping wind yanked at the letter in myhand, and my fingers tightened, the crisp edge biting into my palm.

    I use goodreads, paper notebooks and just started using Library Thing for just the books I’ve read since the first of this year. And always try to review.

  8. That's a great beginning! I posted the first line from As Dawn Breaks by Kate Breslin.

  9. I like the idea of a woman becoming a spinster because she thinks she is too tall!

    I use Goodreads as my main place to post book reviews. I post the link to the reviews on my blog.

  10. I use Goodreads as my book-tracking source too. There are probably better ways to track reading, but I've been using it for so long that it's easy and comfortable for me.

  11. My interest is piqued by The Widow of Falbrooke Court.
    I use Goodreads primarily but I also use a software app called BookCollectorz which I fund very useful as a collection manager

    Wishing you a great reading week

  12. I love Goodreads for tracking what I read and finding new releases! This week I posted the first line from Heart of Stone by David James Warren.

  13. Looks like an interesting series. Happy reading.

  14. I like the looks of all three of your new books.
    Yes, I use Goodreads as my primary tracking resource other than my own blog lists.
    Have a good week, Happy Reading, and a Blessed Thanksgiving!


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