Monday, October 18, 2021

Tuesday 4 ~ October ~ 10/19/2021

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This week, let' talk about October. Toni sure enjoyed facts about the months and questions on that topic too.

1. What are your feelings about the month of October? Does it bring anything special to mind for you? Do you have memories to share?

I've always loved Fall!  Some of my favorite memories are of being newlyweds in October as we were married in mid-September.

2.Have you ever gone apple picking? Pumpkin picking? Any kind of picking including banjo picking at all? Do you bake pies with those fruits?

I've been strawberry picking and berry picking but not apple or pumpkin picking.  I've been to the orchard for apples but they were already picked, thank goodness!

3. What is autumn like where you live? How about when you were a child?

Seeing as I live where I did as a child, the weather here is usually the same in Autumn.  Chilly mornings, warmer days (but not too warm), crisp air and warm smelling candles!

4.Autumn is not the same as Fall. Fall is the time when the leaves are actively falling.  What activities of Autumn/Fall do you enjoy?  Do you decorate your door or home for the season?

I did not know that!  lol.  I've always been under the impression that Autumn and Fall were synonymous.  I don't decorate much other than one or two pumpkins and some mums on the porch.  But I do start burning the yummy smelling candles I mentioned above .



  1. I haven't broken out the candles yet but I do love to, or some yummy smelling essential oil blends.

  2. I can't use candles but I do use essential oils. Our fall weather usually does not get her until the end of the month, but it has started sooner this October which is fine by me!


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