Monday, June 21, 2021

Tuesday 4 ~ Questions ~ 6/22/2021

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 Welcome to Tuesday 4 in honor of Toni Taddeo...

1. Do you have a favorite movie to recommend?

I think my all-time favorite movie is "The Sound of Music".  I can watch it over and over again!  Have you seen it?  If not, I think you should!

2. Do you have a schedule for your day or do you wing it?

I have a "relaxed" schedule.  Meaning:  I have a list of things I want to do and generally do them in a certain order but am not a stickler for watching the clock and getting upset if I'm "behind schedule".  As long as I'm semi-finished with my list by the end of the day, I'm a happy camper!

3. What are you  eating/cooking  lately?

To see my menu for the week, please check out my "Homemaker Monday" post!

4.  Do you surf on your computer? Tell us about it, won't you?

I have certain websites that I will "surf" such as youtube, blogs, facebook etc.  I haven't really gotten into pinterest although I know many who are addicted :)  Are you one of them?



  1. I like a relaxed schedule. It suits me since I don't like regimentation of any kind especially when it comes to cleaning house, lol. I am on Pinterest but I don't spend much time there. I just save things that I like and may want to look at later for inspiration. Have an awesome day.

  2. When making my list, I forgot all about "The Sound Of Music"! How could I do that!? It's a wonderful movie. I enjoy it too. Julie Andrews is one of my favorite actresses.
    I've cut back on social sites, so, no pininterest for me. Quite frankly, I don't get the point of it, but I'm always late to the party. *lol*
    Enjoyed your answers.
    Blessings from SE Georgia.

    1. Yeah, I've never jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon...

  3. I like the term "relaxed schedule".
    Have a great day!

    1. Yes, I "sorta" know what I want to get done but if it doesn't: oh well! lol

  4. The Sound of Music is such a great movie. I agree.
    I love Pinterest for teaching ideas and I like to pin clothes styles in there too to get ideas to put together new outfits with what I already have. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.

  5. I love the Sound of Music too. Is there really anyone left who hasn't watched it? I'm with you, if they haven't, they probably should.

    1. I've made sure my kids have seen a good selection of the classics!

  6. Sound of Music is a classic! =)


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