Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tuesday 4 ~ Lunchtime! ~ 4/6/2021


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This week the topic is lunch..

1. Lunch can be either glorious or bland, hard to choose or easy. Which is it for you and why?

Lunch for me is usually quick and easy.  Maybe a bowl of cereal or a grilled cheese sandwich.  Our main meal is "supper" :)

2. What are your choices for a nice lunch?

I kind of already answered this, oops!  Leftovers are also a good option for lunch.

3. Is lunch a big meal or a light meal for you?

I already answered this one too!  lol  Lunch is usually light.  Except for Sundays.  On Sunday we always have a potluck at Church and it is the main meal of the day.

4. "Let's do lunch" has become a funny phrase used in movies and jokes and usually just a throw away kind of thing to say.   Do you organize lunch with friends or family often? Do you eat out or in? If you eat out what is your favorite place to go?

Most of the time, lunch is just a throw it together kind of deal.  It depends on who is home and what time they had breakfast as to whether we eat lunch together.  We always sit down to supper though as a family.

My favorite place to go out to eat lunch would be anywhere that serves breakfast all day.  I love breakfast foods :)



  1. This was fun! I do make lunch plans with friends. One friend, in particular. We have been getting together for lunch for the last 16 years. Once a month. At my home or out to eat somewhere as she is still working. I can't wait for her to retire! I like that y'all eat 'supper.' We do, too.

  2. Sitting down together for supper was always a hard and fast rule when I was growing up, too. I tried to keep it going with my family, but the early years were tough with my husband working second shift and the job he's had for the last 20 years or so has such a long commute that it was too late to ask the kids to wait. Then our son headed off to college and it was just me and our daughter for dinner and once she hit high school she didn't want to sit down just the two of us any more. Now I cook, but usually we just eat it when we have time. I miss having the family at least sort of together.

  3. I love a good grilled cheese sandwich. Yummy! Loved your answers! Have a nice week!


  4. Lunch is usually Brunch for Me. A little bit of everything leftover or peanut butter on toast is an easy fix.

  5. Lunch for us is usually leftovers or something just thrown together. Our normal go-to lunches are frozen foods with a veggie side or sandwiches. I'd eat a sandwich everyday but the family tends to snub their noses at them.


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