Saturday, May 11, 2019

Friday's (or Saturday's) Fave 5 ~ 5/11/19

~Monday, Kona our chocolate lab went into the vet's to get spayed.  Everything went well and she was home by 5pm.  She's still healing but doing great.  We only put the "cone of shame" on her when we leave the house.  Other than that someone is usually close by to make sure she isn't bothering her incision.  Check one off the list!

~Cheer!  Monday also kicked off the start of cheer practice for the Fall.  I know, THE FALL!  Laken is very excited about moving on to 7th grade and being able to play Jr. High Sports. ~ (Yes, we consider cheer a sport :)  They are practicing Monday and Wednesday during the month of May and then one day a week for a few hours during the Summer break.  I love seeing the kids do the things they love :)

~Driving Miss Kaylee.  Kaylee has been driving pretty much everywhere lately.  She's learning small town driving and also driving in more congested areas.  I'm very proud at how well she's doing even though it does make her a bit nervous.  She drove during a rain storm a few days ago and almost pulled over to let her dad drive.  However, she prevailed as the rain lightened up and she drove all the way to the destination!

~Spring Concerts!  Both Kaylee and Laken had their Spring Band Concerts this week.  On the same night!  Ugh.  What to do????  As a family, we decided that my parents would go to Kaylee's concert and the Hubby and I went to Laken's concert.  I enjoyed Laken's concert very much but missed seeing Kaylee play as well.

~Etsy!  I posted a while ago that I was re-opening my Etsy shop, Colletta's Kitchen Sink . I've been crocheting as I sit on the deck, watch Pirates games and sit in the parking lot during Softball Practices.  I've gotten some kitchen items listed as well as some aprons and baby blankets.  I'd love for you to stop by and check out what I've done so far!


  1. Why in the world would your school district schedule two concerts on the same night???? That's odd! Here in ours (6 elementary schools, 1 junior high and 1 school with orchestras, band and chorus in each school plus 8 special performing groups at the high school) concerts are on separate nights! You should complain to your school board!

    Yay for your daughter driving! I loved it when my girls learned although it was nerve wracking at times.

    I will check out your shop!

  2. Learning to drive, what a huge milestone. Sounds like she is doing well! It's nice when they gain that bit of independance that driving brings. Glad to hear your dog is doing well after surgery.


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